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Paul S FCA


A fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ex Finance Director of local and national companies, owner of an electric car, crasher of a Harley Davidson. Owner of hair, tinkler of ivories, drummer of drums, thinker of innovative thoughts, midnight oil burner and Hub’s head honcho.

Paul C

Senior Accountant & Head of Operations

Leader of efficient operations. Multi-tasker and balancer of spinning plates. Engine of the engine room. Opens the office most mornings. Family man, ‘highly tuned’ sportsman and player of the beautiful game. Rebutter of hair-brained schemes and sworn enemy of chaos.
Hub Chartered Accountants headshot



Champion of organised working. Believes in building special relationships with clients and group hugs for the team. Encyclopaedic knowledge of small business accounts. Early morning gym bunny. Baker, forest walker and carer of recently retired horse, Amber. Now that’s what we call busy!

Julie MAAT

Payroll Administrator

Our experienced multi-sector and multi-skilled payroll guru. Fastidious about detail, hates it when she gets things wrong. (This is the lady we’d want doing our pay.) Parent to small humans and mender of ouchies. Walker of dogs. Hates mornings, which maybe explains her enthusiasm for good coffee.



Eagle eyed keeper of client’s books and compiler of VAT returns. Can spot a missing 5p at 40 paces. Believes in tidying up but not in her own workspace. Devoted mother and daughter. Arranger of family walks and all-round nice lady.

Sophie AATQB


Demystifer of numbers and balancer of clients’ books. Most productive early in the morning, provided there’s coffee to hand. Loves walking the great outdoors. Hates not being able to finish things off. Seasoned traveller and keen scuba diver, so long as the water’s warm and pretty fish to see.


Trainee Chartered Accountant

Our very own rainbow haired graduate trainee. Passionate about spreadsheets. Loves catching up with clients. Owner of the brightest yellow car. Seasoned traveller, keen on camping and other outdoor adventures. Creator of ‘Fibre Art’ using techniques like cross stitch and crochet.

Henry ATT

Personal Tax Manager

Proudest of fathers. One-time bowler of bouncers and now a thrower of one hundred and eighties in his local pub. Enthusiastic and thorough demystifier of HMRC requirements, Henry just loves making sure our clients retain the fairest-of -fair returns from their endeavours.


Head of Marketing & Business Development

Loves a Big Idea, even when it’s not his own. Experienced across an unfeasible number of business sectors. Devotee of the game played by men with odd-shaped balls. A mixer of cocktails and fixer of all things marketing and communications.
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