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Business Performance Improvement Services

Build a robust business you can be proud of.

We provide the real-world advice and know-how to help you build a business plan to be certain your business thrives. Whatever your end game

Hub Chartered Accountants Business Performance Improvement Services

Business Performance Improvement Services

Build a robust business you can be proud of.

We provide the real-world advice and know-how to help you build a business plan to be certain your business thrives. Whatever your end game

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When commercial realities require that you have to deliver more and more for less and less and trading conditions become more demanding and complex, you need an ally with the experience and enterprise to help make your business flourish.

We provide a broad range of bespoke Business Performance Improvement Services that will help you to build a thriving business. Our interventions are delivered by experts with real world experience using a mix of 1 to 1 coaching, workshops and advice. Each programme we deliver comprises purpose built sets of content, using all or a mix of the following elements

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Our business coaching solutions are individually tailored to focus on the goals that you want to achieve. We will help you identify the steps you need to take in order to make those goals happen.

We can also provide valuable insight when it comes to clarifying your over-arching vision because it’s all too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when you’re managing everything else too. We will:

  • Focus on your business and provide advice that’s bespoke to your organisation.
  • Offer an objective view, challenge current practises and offer solutions where appropriate.
  • Look at your business’ strengths and weaknesses to help you build on its assets as well as identifying potential challenges and how to tackle them

Strategic Planning

If you are trying to get from A to B it helps to know where A is and the directions you need to take, to get to your destination all set out on a map.

By preparing a strategic plan with clear objectives and a programme to achieve them, you are giving yourself a map to guide you to your destination – your vision for your business.

A strategic plan reduces the risk of getting lost on your journey. Of taking wrong turnings, making meandering detours and ending up in dead ends

We will help you create a plan that:

  1. Describes your vision – where you want to end up.
  2. Establishes your start point – your current situation.
  3. Sets out a series of measurable steps to take you from your start point to your destination.

We work with you to review all the things a business could do and identify the things it is actually good at doing and should do. The strategic plan will outline the programmes you need to action and helps you determine where to spend time, resources and money.

Hub Chartered Accountants Business Performance Improvement

Cash Flow Planning and Budgeting

Even small businesses should forecast cash, whilst maintaining working capital is essential to avoid “over trading”. Most small businesses have to be very careful with their working capital – and cashflow forecasting can really assist in proactively managing the business towards success.

For example, we know that waiting for the cash to appear is not an option as profit arrives after sales activity, followed by a business process.

It forces a clear understanding of how cash is used, and when it will hit your bank account.

Planning will also provide reassurance when presenting financial information to banks, investors and shareholders.

Business Performance Benchmarking

Do you know how you compare with other similar businesses around the country? In other words, how do you perform when compared to a similar business in another area or region?

We work with other professional accountantcy practises around the country using anonymous information to compare and contrast business performance. In this way we can help share best practice and drive efficiencies in your business. It may also help in your business valuation helping you to understand how to plan for the future.

Virtual Director

Many small and growing businesses do not have formal board meetings. Often the directors and owners are the same people and can get caught up in the day to day running of the business, without anybody to keep them accountable to a larger plan.

Sometimes it is useful to have an independent “virtual” non-executive director, Financial Director (FD) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) giving structure to your business strategy or growth plans whilst providing a valuable sounding board.

We offer “virtual” director services for businesses reaching a reasonable size. Services typically include:

  • Chairing board meetings
  • Mentoring new directors
  • Undertaking budgeting/forecasting projects
  • New system implementation projects
  • Financial Reporting
  • Managing senior staff
  • Investment Appraisal projects

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